De Build are committed to delivering exceptional homes with a strong focus on architectural detail.

With a deep appreciation for design we build homes with beautiful finishes that are motivated by our collaborative client driven process.


Our goal at Debuild is to materialise the dreams of our clients by delivering sophisticated homes built with care and meticulous planning.

We pride ourselves on creating remarkable homes with integrity and significance whilst maintaining the client’s brief to provide not just a beautiful home but a lifestyle. Our Professional curiosity keeps us up to date with new technologies, suppliers and practises, to deliver complicated, challenging and detailed projects.

From the ground up, Debuild is committed to sustainability and is very aware of the environmental impact of the building industry on our environment. At Debuild we make a conscious effort to use materials that are sustainable and responsibly sourced. Whether it is recycling of building waste or responsible disposal of chemicals and paint products, Debuild prioritizes environmental responsibility across all phases of its business.


The DeBuild team is headed by Director Craig Decorsey who started his journey in the construction industry over 25 years ago.

Over these years he has accrued many skills over several trades. He has developed a passion for contemporary architecture and interior design, and he takes enormous pride in creating highly detailed, well considered homes.

All projects are micro-managed directly by Craig to ensure total accountability and client satisfaction. Debuild has built a team of likeminded specialist trades and suppliers who are hand-picked for their drive to execute design-led, quality outcomes.


At Debuild, we use operations and processes that we have developed over many years in the building industry to estimate and cost plan each individual project to ensure we are competitive and accurate.

We thoroughly plan and assess documentation before a job commences. During this planning phase we spend time understanding the engineering and the core design of the project to allow us to efficiently manage and synthesise the building process.

Our building practices are site specific, with a ‘can do’attitude we turn constraints in to opportunities.We are solution driven to ensure your build is seamless and adhering to timelines.



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